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Going back to work is now looming over me like a heavy storm cloud (much the opposite to the current weather situation). As I write this post, the sky outside is bright blue, not a cloud to be seen and a gentle breeze is moving the rapidly browning leaves of the tree outside. I’m struggling to focus on the weather though.

Officially I’m back to work on Thursday for two days of inset, but I will also be in on Thursday. I’m meeting a colleague for coffee before trying to organise our rooms for the return of children.

What I’m also conscious of is maintaining my weight. At the start of the summer holiday my body was a well oiled machine, ready to complete the Prudential Ride London 100. I had lost almost 1st (6kg) before the ride and completed 100 miles in 5 hours, averaging 20mph (32kmh). Over the course of the summer I have somehow managed to not put much of that weight back on and currently weigh 11st 7lbs (73kg) but I am aware of the impact going back to work can have.

What I therefore plan on doing is keeping a record, via this blog, of my eating, exercise and the stresses of going back to work. I know I’m not going to have as much time to cycle, or time to prepare meals but I am hoping that by keeping this record it will maintain my motivation to keep working on my body and keeping up with the demands of the new school year.

I know at the start of the post that going back to work is looming over like a large storm cloud, and it is, but I am also really excited to go back to work. I’m excited to see students and staff, and to hit the ground running this year. Last year I hated teaching, I hated the school I had been at and I was going to work to collect my cheque on a weekly basis. Now I know I’m in a supportive school with students who (not all) want to work hard I know that I can work hard for them to help them achieve.

I also realised I should probably add a note about my plans and goals for this year, just for my own personal record. In terms of work I want to be looking at establishing myself in a role of responsibility within my department, hopefully taking charge of a key stage or at least a year group.

In terms of cycling, I am currently planning on taking part in a sportive on my birthday at the end of October, I am really hoping to get a place on the Prudential Ride London 100 again, but may take a charity place and I am also planning a trip to the south of Spain to ride the Sierra Nevada mountain range – my dream of riding the Haute Route in 2017 has been put on hold due to finances.