Given that it is the start of the new year I decided to venture into blogging.  I created a new Twitter account and started this blog.  The cynic in me suggests that this is no more than a way in which to procrastinate, putting off the pile of marking and planning I have on a rainy Saturday when a morning’s cycling was declined over one last lie in.

My aim for this blog is simply to get some of my views of the world down on to paper (the internet) and hopefully share them with some other people.  I’m not expecting to change the world, I’m not even expecting to change anybody’s views but just to share my own views.  Chances are this won’t ever be read but its worth a shot.

As the tagline suggests the focus of my blog will be numerous but based on my main passions: teaching, cycling, history and politics.  Undoubtedly some pictures of coffee will be thrown in there as well.

So there it is.  Hopefully someone will read this blog.  Hopefully somebody will like this blog.  And I’m even more hopeful that this won’t come across as the rantings and ravings of an easily lead, simply fooled, crazy, sleep deprived teacher who sometimes rides a bike.